When People Say “You’ll Love Again”

When Lisa died, the people who didn’t know me well responded to hearing the story by saying, “Ah, well, you’ll love again.”

Oh no, I won’t. Short of Linda Ronstadt (as if) I’d say it’s all done as far as relationships are concerned. Now when anyone comes with that line, I know they mean well but they are wrong. Just consider what it would be like for any poor woman (for I am straight) who would willingly take on the role of my fourth or next or….

Come on: would you?

I wouldn’t, folks. Sorry. And neither should you. Be thou careful. Who could follow Lisa? Look: Anyone who’d think of it would still be endeared of course for….but I will always say no.

It just seems the right thing to do. We all have a track record of course, and sometimes the worst of luck coincides with bureaucracy guised in all goodness to result in a circumstance no one could possibly imagine.

We have ourselves to blame, and yet:

I see women along the boulevard; older, younger, they’re amazing and yet I’m in a different place now. I love when people talk up other women to me. I love the sentiment and it just proves they love this crazy old man, which gives me no end of joy. I love you all as well.

It’s a little like following….no, in my case it would be a matter of following THE great love of my life. Good luck.

I get it, folks. But I was always sure Lisa and I were forever; I still see it that way. Still, I love you all, in all these other ways.

And now the work of survival, between the Fourth and Canada Day. Figures, eh?


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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