July Fifth, the seagull

I wandered upstairs earlier for a quiet smoke. When I got to my favorite place and lit up, I saw this seagull apparently studying me. S/he didn’t especially want to fly away. So I finished my smoke, and made to leave. The seagull started walking ahead of me—right into the access stairwell, down the last walkway before the stairs. Finally I excused my way past, saying “I’m not gonna hurt you, don’t wanna scare you.” I did, however, take photos with which the gull seemed to agree.

A few minutes ago I went back upstairs to find the gull had in fact gone nowhere. I found her/him posed on the second stair, perfectly well aware of where outside was but disinclined to leave. So once again, I pardoned my way past; the gull trembled a little but seemed more convinced I wouldn’t in fact do anything violent. A few minutes later I turned to come back down to the room and there that seagull still waited, for what I will never know. It all felt like a blessing.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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