Jul 14: When They Say It Never Rains in So Cal, Tell Them to Go Fuck Themselves

Yesterday the teeming rains began. L.A. is starting to get the kinds of “rain events” Seattle and Vancouver are more used to, which makes me wonder in numerous ways about our climactic future.

Anyway, it rained. And locals on the boulevard remarked as though this was a large economic event, which it actually was. As merchants have told me, when the sun comes out, so do the people. Then you’re busy.

So cloudy skies, fog mean no sales, meaning….we all know. Ehrenreich beautifully captured it more than once so I needn’t recapitulate, but all the same this beautiful area is subject to the same economic forces that affect the rest of the country/the world.

Believe you me, if you ever hear that song or hear anyone quote that old homily that “it never rains in southern California,” smack that motherfucker in the mother one time for me, please. And when it rains here, it rains with some real tenaciousness—not violence but that hand-around-the-throat sense of risk that you just cannot deny.

So I’m returning to the midst tonight. We’ll see what happens but as I say, nothing will suprise me anymore. Truly. Much Love.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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