SHOWTIME SPEEDWAY’S GRAND OPENING IS JULY 28! (Also, a memorial for the late, lamented Heidelberg Raceway)

Now here’s some news I never thought I’d be able to write, BUT:

SUNSHINE SPEEDWAY OFFICIALLY REOPENS AS SHOWTIME SPEEDWAY JULY 28, with a 75-lap LM feature as the headliner. IF I could possibly be there, I would, trust me. We don’t get chances like this often; just a few days ago, there was a ceremony at the site of the former Heidelberg Raceway in Pittsburgh; some of the former drivers, Joe Mihalic in particular, were in attendance, and Mihalic perhaps more than anyone else appears to have been treated like, as Paul Fey, Jr., said, “a rock star.”

All well deserved. How many drivers do you know of who’ve won races on three wheels? A couple, maybe. Fine. Now: How many do you know of who ran nearly 100 laps on a (more than) 1/2 mile dirt track on those same three wheels, and still won? As far as I know, there’s only Joe.

I will never forget that day. Just wanted to mention a couple of fairly positive stories on a day of such otherwise terrible news, and All Bright Blessings to all in the (latest) CO massacre. We should all revisit Michael Moore’s documentary, I think.


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