Re: The Sikh Temple Massacre

Look, folks. We don’t have to look far to find these kinds of stories in our collective history. But let’s just get down to a basic question white people don’t like to ask:

Why is it so often white mass-murderers? Specifically, white men?

I don’t think we have to look far, or dig all that deeply. I’ve seen far too many of my own white brethren taken up as though by the Pod People, believing now that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim whose sole intent from before his birth was/is to turn over all America’s guns to Mahmoud fucking Ahmadinejad.

Or somebody. Take your pick.

One friend of mine said that ninety or ninety-five percent of all Muslims should be killed on the spot. I asked him if he knew how many people he was talking about. No clue, folks. No clue.

3 billion. Do you want that on your mortal conscience?

I’m just sayin.’

Anyway, a neo-Nazi freakazoid goes wild again. It reminds me of the next-to-last time Lisa was in Knoxville; a Xistian fundie went wild with a gun—and the church we’re talking about is a Unitarian UNIVERSALIST church. I attended a UU service once, and the pastor broke into a chorus of “Alfie.”

What’s it all about, indeed?

I will not support this country when it comes time for me to leave. I won’t. I can’t, and I feel wronged for having to do it. And fuck anyone who doesn’t like what I just said.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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3 Responses to Re: The Sikh Temple Massacre

  1. John – YOU REMEMBERED!!!….”What’s it all about?…..ALFIE”….I’m falling off my chair laughing at this memory of us sitting there listening to this woman singing this song!!………You’re blog today was SPOT ON – RIGHT….AMEN….Good points made…..Donna

    • johnwylam1957 says:

      I will never forget that. The most honest and yet silliest moment I have ever had in a church anywhere. I remember it with affection.

  2. Sorry about the typo – not You’re – but Your….my apologies….

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