About the Bristol Night Race (before the end)

Lisa and I saw that place when they temporarily applied dirt on that incredible banking. Lisa loved it as well. Believe that if you like, or not, but truly I believe she completely “marked out.” So did I. This was one of our “appointment-TV” times, something I loved more deeply than you can know. Imagine: she went from “I can’t understand what you see in that” to (Daytona) “Dale Earnhardt flips his car and still drives it away?” to “OH MY GOD EARNHARDT WINS—”

Then of course there was that other day.

After the wreck, we went to Meijer for some reason. There was a #3 blowup on a high riser, but it had deflated. Lisa looked at me and said, “Dale’s dead.”

“No way.”

I didn’t want to believe it,  but of course she was right and by the time we got back home from trying shake off that terrible juju, we’d heard. That deflated image has always stuck with me.

So Hamlin wins. It looked old-school to me. I still love racing. Some things don’t change.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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