Presidential Debate, “Round Two”: Barack Comes Out Swinging This Time

This time, Obama acted like he’d read this piece and decided it honestly applied to him….and, oh, by the way, the rest of the fucking country:

Romney wasn’t fully unmasked tonight, but by the end of the next debate I still expect him to be. Consider him this way if you dare: He sees the Presidency as the last line on his CV. We should always have known; now we see it for ourselves, like Paul Ryan cleaning already-clean pots and pans in order to be seen as, y’know, helping out. It’s all about the gig, not the ability to perform.

Let me put this in terms my dear musician friends will understand: It’s one thing to be able to perform a tune like “Crossroads,” right? Now, Cream re-interpreted Robert Johnson in a way the composer never could’ve imagined. “Uptempo” doesn’t begin to describe what Cream achieved because each member of that trio in that single performance, perhaps because of ego, but more likely because they knew what they were hearing in that moment, became totally committed.

So did the President in his moment. Romney, by contrast, is committed to nothing besides that which will gain him that last checkmark on his personal CV….

Romney looked like what he is—a petulant autocrat bent on having his way because by-God he has that much money.

Which is precisely my problem with this country.

Obama heard the music tonight. Romney has no idea about music, “literally” or surely politically. He showed that tonight. Who are Americans to him, anyway, but customers to be convinced that what he has to sell has value?

It doesn’t, in his case.

However, the President came off looking pretty damn Presidential. He almost even got off a couple of those Bartlett tangents, as though he was channeling….see below.

Look, folks. It’s 3:30 in the morning where I’m writing. You my East Coast beloveds are soon to wake. I don’t think the world changed last night, neither did I expect the President to be able to do any such thing; but I do think reality made some inroads against Rightist madness. I hesitate almost to call the Right “Republican” anymore. Lincoln was a Republican, after all. I loved when my Culture Studies students claimed him for their own during Bush/Cheney, only to read in Zinn and others that he was the polar opposite of their imagining.


One last  first note: Candy Crowley rocks. She’s always been one of my very favorite CNN folks (and I retain a select few), and she did a masterful job tonight. Everyone else will have to learn from her fine example. Well done, Candy.

I’m grateful Obama came off looking like a fighter tonight. Make of it what you will. Much Love. And by the way, right now we are all standing at the crossroads; you better believe that if we make the wrong choice, we are all sinkin’ down.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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  1. Hi John,

    Just came across your blog. I enjoy it. Need to figure out how to add it to my blogger blogroll. I should know how to do these things but I don’t. Is there a way to contact you by email to request a music review?


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