Re: Abortion and Republican Politics

The fact that we’re even talking about banning abortion even in the cases of rape/incest is simple madness. The fact that Republicans are defending these madmen (note: men, mostly)should tell you how far that once-important political party has sunk in order to convince low/no-information voters to vote for them. It’s shameful.

Consider this: The R.’s are actually positing that abortion should be illegal EVEN AT RISK OF THE MOTHER’S LIFE.

If your candidate of choice says this, just imagine someone whose name you know, dying in hospital because some Washington troglodyte decided her life wasn’t worth sacrificing his personal religious beliefs.

That is simply insane.

Look: I have no idea when life begins. I don’t. Neither do you. You have beliefs. There is no “metaphysical certitude.” Do I have any right to speak on this subject? Yes, I do, Therefore:

I understand your potential opposition. It might be religious in nature, or you may just have a general moral disgust over the idea. I get that. However, even if we set aside what some people might consider “abortion-on-demand” or the like, that we’re even talking about “the life of the mother” is monstrous, abhorrent.

How dare anyone even consider such a belief?

Normally, this is where I resort to some profanity or other. Not now. Instead: If you believe there’s no exception to your hatred of abortion, you are de facto advocating the deaths of women. There goes the rest of your argument.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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