The Right is Feasting On Itself

Even the most diehard apologists on the Right have been engaged since the election in dealing with clinical, political shock. Consider Karl Rove, for example. His “math” convinced him that Romney was a shoe-in; when he saw the results on election night he actually sent a runner to confirm that Ohio had gone for Obama. Some meltdown, on-air, too. Or Rushbo; his radio shows since the election have demonstrated his inability to cope with the shock of losing.

Rachel Maddow has pointed out on her show that many on the Right are, quite simply, poor losers. I think so, too. Romney himself seems most egregious of all, given his recent comment about “gifts” that have motivated some on the Right to (in so many words) shut the fuck up. It must be maddening—how can the party begin to heal itself when the loser won’t go away? But Romney seems incapable of accepting this loss; it’s almost tragic to witness. After all, the man spent how damn long trying to do what his father failed to accomplish. The burden of that loss is hard to calculate. Only he and the people closest to him can know. He’ll never be able to run again; his post-election comments have made him poisonous within the party, to say nothing of the fact that he wears that loser brand. He’s most definitely finished.

Now, the party must ask itself certain important questions: How to return to relevance in a country where the demographics have turned against them? White men, for so long the strong backbone of the Republican reign, are a shrinking population. It’s clear they are anything but comfortable about this (see above). How to evolve without abandoning their core beliefs? How to convince non-whites that they’d be listened to, and above all, represented? These questions have no easy answers….or do they?

Here’s one: Get rid of the fucking bluehairs already. Get rid of Rove, abandon the whole post-neocon crew. Real evolution cannot otherwise begin. Anyone and everyone associated with losing strategies (I’m thinking of Grover Norquist for one example) need to pack up and leave the political stage. That’s all there is to it.

As a side-note, I’ve been reading the Allen West saga with special interest. He refuses to accept defeat as well. Again, when you believe you cannot possibly lose but then you lose, the shock to the system must be incredible. And this guy is a particularly hard-nosed character, as we all know, but this is really ridiculous. Maybe he should move out of the country….

For absolutely certain, this process will take years. The Republican Party may or may not survive it. What’s equally certain is that the old-school types have only themselves and their policies to blame.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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