It’s Time We Deal With Allen West

OK, folks. Sometimes people who try, lose. It happens. We are judged in many ways on how we accept said loss. This is something I well understand, because I don’t like losing, either. Therefore, I try not to  participate in activities that would tend to awake those emotions. Simple, yes?

So it’s not like I lack sympathy for Allen West, in a truly pathetic sense. I mean, come on: we’re both ex-military (though he has much more claim there than I do, for shit-certain), he’s a rough-hewn man which I respect, and above all he stands up strong for his beliefs. All good.

If only his beliefs weren’t so skewered by Tea-Party madness, I could at least respect his passion for the beliefs he holds. I have very close friends with whom I disagree, mind. I love them, and always will. So I don’t bring up the subject, see. Not with them, but with you. Sorry.

Still, at some point West has to concede. It’s like when you’re losing a fight, and you know it. A very smart guy reminded me of this in a chat the other day: When you’re challenged to a fight, win or lose you either walk away or shake hands. That determines who you are.

Allen, what about you?

Honestly, I think he simply cannot stand losing. It’s time for him to learn. And never run again.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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