Krauthammer, Bolton, and Benghazi Flu

The comments made by the above two assholes regarding Hillary Clinton’s illness, which they derided and to which I’d rather not link, represent a true low-water mark in American politics. Just consider these two guys, if you dare: Krauthammer’s been so wrong and so over-the-line for so long it amazes me he can find work as a columnist. And as for John Bolton, who infamously suggested the UN would be better with the top two floors blown off. Classy, eh?

“Benghazi flu” is, as many media folks have been saying, like the sort of thing you’d say to a child. They knew Clinton was in the hospital and didn’t bother to wait to hear from the doctors before they hit the loud pedal on callousness and, naturally, self-identification. I’ve said this before, but I still think it’s good whenever stupid people let everyone else know where they are. It’s good to know.

These “people” disgust me to no end. We’re all better off remembering how mean-spirited and low they are, and treat accordingly whatever else they say.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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