Jim Nabors and Gay Marriage

I never really thought about Jim Nabors’ sexuality. In general, I don’t wonder about others’ sexuality. It just doesn’t occur. Still, when I read this piece I was happy. Nabors has had health problems these past few years, and so this happiness means all the more. All good wishes, folks.

Nabors missed his annual duty at the Indianapolis 500 last year; he sings “Back Home Again in Indiana” (bear in mind his possesses one hell of a baritone) but couldn’t make it. I find myself wondering whether he’ll return this year, and I have to wonder over the reception he’ll receive. Hopefully there won’t be phobic assholes, but come on: demographically speaking, I wouldn’t be surprised if in that huge crowd there’d be some who’d remember he goes home to another man. Drunken Rightists are fully capable, provided of course they remember (let’s hope they’re all too drunk and too caught up in the moment for that). I’m just hoping Nabors will be able and willing to return, and be welcomed back as he damn well should be. And here’s hoping everybody bears in mind his sexuality is no issue in terms of that quite-special moment when he sings. And it’s nobody’s business, either.


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2 Responses to Jim Nabors and Gay Marriage

  1. wingsideup says:

    Being a native Hoosier and believing that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is hallowed ground as well as somewhat of a motorsports insider, I kind of take offense to the generalization of racing fans. That being said, I don’t support gay marriage and I too wonder how he will be received. Let me just say, most motorsports fans are pretty tolerant people and when it comes to Jim singing “On the Banks of the Wabash”, I’m sure he’ll be accepted or a the very least most of the fans won’t care. We’ve all been worried about who will sing that song that brings tears to our eyes when he’s gone. I’m looking forward to hearing him.

  2. johnwylam1957 says:

    Truly, I am too. Missed him last year. It was strange to hear him on tape instead; it was a reminder what a powerful presence he commands there on race day. BTW, I’m betting this is gonna be a pretty good show this year. I hope so, anyway; hard to outdo last year. Danny Wheldon’s win out of nowhere’s going to be remembered as long as we remember motorsports. Much Cheer!

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