The Narcissism of Ted Nugent

I swear, if there’s a more precise example of narcissism than Ted Nugent, I’ve no idea who it could be. He knows, of course, he won’t have to say or do anything during the SOTU speech in order to have an impact. Just the video image of the Nuge sitting in his seat, attempting to stay calm (after all, he’s looking at his sworn enemy and he’s naked without his arsenal within easy reach) as the President makes his case for the middle class, for economic reform, immigration reform….and for sensible gun control. “Nobody’s coming after your guns,” something like that. Cut to Nugent for his instant reaction. Either way, he wins—in his own mind, at least.

His presence in the political debate is symbolic more than anything else, as he’ll never have anything close to, say, voting power, but as an agent of chaos he’s very effective, just not in the way he imagines. As Creamer says, Dems are the real winners here. Every time one of these characters stands up to spout some more of this Rightist drivel, the “brand” of the Repubs diminishes that much more. Again, I’m telling you this is not necessarily a good thing. There must be opposing views. America’s divide is clear, and we should all respect that fact. This is a 50/50 nation right now, and if the Right keeps up its ridiculous bitter-ender strategy of the sort Dick Cheney still projectile-vomits, the result will be serious for one half of the country. But the Right has done this to itself, through some narcissism of its own. They are not serving their constituents, only their own narrow, specific interests in Washington.

It’s a matter of synchronicity that the Christopher Dorner situation has taken over cable TV news; he’s clearly well-armed, and ready to die in the usual blaze of glory Hollywood helped make so popular. I sure as hell hope Nugent’s been following this story, not that it would ever affect his attitude but maybe it could make him realize the degree to which the contrast makes him look all the worse….almost, shall we say, like a savage. Perhaps he’d like that. Who knows?

As for Nugent, we have all given him far more attention than any single fool deserves. I move we leave him to his Texas ranch, with his personal armory and his own personal madness. Sort of like a certain ex-“President.” Let him wail his way into oblivion.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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