Kyle Larson Wins (Kinda Ugly) At Daytona, Plus a Rant In Favor of New Smyrna Speedway

Personally, I agree with Hermie Sadler: The first hit in turn three was in the gray area, but basically OK. That second hit, the spin-to-win, was not good. It affects the way I consider him, and I’m certain many other people tonight feel the same way. It’s unfortunate; Larson was riding a wave of good will and the appreciation of no less than Tony Stewart, but now a single dirty move (dirty because of the second hit, not the first) might have an impact on the early part of what I still hope will be a long and storied career, which I comfortably say is altogether possible for him. He just has to be careful at this point, drive more with his head than his heart, certainly on the main stages. One wouldn’t want to see him make such choices on the big track, let’s say. However, I don’t think he will. He truly has the talent. Of this I’m certain. Tonight, however, a young guy made a young-guy mistake.

C. E Falk has a real right to be some kinda pissed off. Dang. Anyway, I just hope there’ll be more folks in the stands for this show next year should it happen again. Personally, I was shocked at how few souls showed up. Hopefully the house will be better tomorrow, because the show tonight really kinda rocked. I enjoyed it from here, at least. “Slip and slide, dip and dive,” after the great Larry Rice (of happy memory).

Or maybe mostly slip and slide.

Lots of cautions, lots of carnage (sic), but tonight we saw the next generation of drivers. Hope you saw and enjoyed the show, because surely I did. The modifieds will be something else again, however. Oh: and speaking of Larson, I hear he’s running in six different divisions during Speedweeks. Amazing. I know he’s young and all, but to my aging ears that still sounds like an over-reach. But that’s just me. I wish him well.

SPEED was focusing on how to compare the track to others tonight. Personally, I thought of Barrie Speedway in Ontario, flat and featureless. Also, I thought of the quarter-mile track at Toledo Speedway but without the banked backstretch which I so love there. It remained a good show, I thought, regardless.

NASCAR has something good going here, but I retain one caveat: New Smyrna Speedway, which now runs concurrently with the big track’s schedule. I’ve seen photos of dismal crowds at NSS, and I wonder what’s happening. Then I saw a shockingly light crowd for the LM show tonight and was amazed. If I’d been in the area, I’d have been in those lightly-populated backstretch grandstands thinking this is history; this is now possible. I mean, think about it. How many other series can be incorporated into that concept?

You name it.

Just imagine. But let’s not forget New Smyrna; in fact, in how many ways could that series be re-imagined so the stands fill again as they did years ago?


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