Re-Imagining the World Series at New Smyrna: A Couple of Ideas

I’ve been watching with sadness the paltry gates at the World Series at New Smyrna this year. Something maddening is wrong, and for some reason I’m crazy enough to think there are ways to fix the problem:

1. Restore the real, live Outlaw LM class. These teams still exist throughout the U.S. and their presence would be useful.

2. Combine the Super and Pro LM classes to create a serious, single-class car count.

3. Find ways to increase the modified car count. With the Battle at the Beach, that should in future, in theory, be possible.

4. How about getting the K&N Series a race date there in conjunction with the Battle? How about this? Finishing order at the NSS race determines the starting order at the Battle? Just thinking.

5. Pay serious money for each race date. Crowds will follow good car counts. Hopefully.

6. There are other ways to create new excitement—maybe not on the order of the seventies and eighties, but by drawing on the entertainment factor alone, again, crowds will follow. Music? NASCAR connections (a dangerous thing, of course)? Still more of a midway, even?

I know the management is working hard, but it’s clear things are not looking good right now. Thinking outside the box is important now. TBARA? Hard to say. Me, I’m just lobbing some ideas in case something could possibly work, because I was at NSS one night in 1976 to see Darrell Waltrip, Bob Senneker, Tom Reffner, Jim Bickerstaff, Larry Schuler, Merv Treichler, Richie Evans, and on and on and on, on a freezing cold night and most of the stands were still comfortably filled. And the whiskey flowed. O did it….


This is a series that well deserves to continue, but be somehow separate from NASCAR proper if at all possible. Personally, I’m think about the CRA series, IMCA mods, anything that might work. I’d love to see, say, a Main Event race there (cost-ineffective for the teams, I know, unless there are points involved, or maybe even points for whatever series the team happens to run, something strange like that, but those of you who remember as I do the sight of full-blown Outlaw cars on that amazing track will never forget it) but let’s face facts. That likely won’t happen.

At any rate, I just hope the World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing continues for many years to come. A great show at a great track. Let’s all help make sure it continues.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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