A Suggestion for the Speed Channel: More Short-Track Coverage to Replace F1


I’ve been a viewer for a very long time now, since the early days of Speedvision. It was sad to learn that F1 coverage is headed elsewhere, because I always enjoyed the team of Varsha, Hobbs, and Matchett—intelligent and lively. That loss represents a significant amount of network time, but I have a suggestion:

A return to racing’s roots.

I well remember the seasons when one could expect to see much more short-track racing on TV that we have now. USAC, the Hooters series, major standalone events, the Outlaws, many more. We’re seeing a relative dearth now, and the loss of F1 offers an opportunity to fill that void.

Speed’s coverage of dirt LM racing is a good start, but like any hungry diner, I hope for more. There’s the chance now to establish series on the order of Thunder on ESPN, the best example I can imagine along with Speed’s own coverage of shows at Eldora and Knoxville. Sure, as a live program there were obstacles such as rain to be considered, and yet the shows themselves were often wonderful. Why not try? I hope we’ll see at some point.

The audience is there. As someone recently said in a comment on this blog, the World Series at New Smyrna and the plethora of races on dirt all over Florida go without national notice. This is wrong, but now there’s a way to rectify this in the future.



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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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