10 Years After the Iraq Invasion, Let’s Remember the Media; Many On the Left Signed On As Well

I remember that time very well. Lisa and I were constantly keeping touch with the news, knowing that what we’d feared for so long was about to come to life. I feared Bush and Cheney. I feared their policies. I feared what they were capable of doing. I looked at my classes and wondered how many of my students I might lose as a result of this abject madness. Saddam, as we now know, had nothing whatever to do with 9/11, meaning Dubya had no logical pretext for going to war in Iraq; if anything, the play was to sink troops as deeply as possible into bin Laden’s redoubt, and end the damn thing already. That wasn’t enough for this cabal. I still want them all jailed for those crimes against humanity. Period. Yeah, I said it.

Now, I also remember the American media feasting on the story-as-story. Even Chris Matthews joined the chorus. I found that appalling. “You’re with us, or you’re against us. We line up behind the [P]resident, or we’re nothing.” That sort of rhetoric, though I doubt that was what Matthews said, only the general tone, but Matthews found himself in the choir nonetheless. I’m sorry to say that because I like the guy, but at the time I was saddened by what he and many of his colleagues had to say. It was all wrong, as everyone should now know.

Amy Goodman has a very insightful take on all this, and I urge you to read it. The point here is that we must question what we’re told, question always. Never believe at face value. Analyze until you’re certain. I kept telling students ‘way back when, “The government is saying one thing and clearly doing another”; Bush and Cheney never let me down on that one.

To reiterate: The entire Bush/Cheney cabal must be jailed while they’re still alive to serve their overdue time. No kidding. Also, the media members who lined up so dutifully behind an illegal war should recant on their own. They simply must, and this is a proper time to do just that. I’m watching, and I’m taking count.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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