More re: The Finish At Auto Club Speedway: Logano’s Comments and Hamlin’s Injury

Joey Logano’s post-race comments were appalling. I know he’s a kid, but come on—to say “That’s what he gets” is the depth of insensitivity. I have a problem with what he said. The race was over; he knew Hamlin crashed hard into a straight-up concrete wall, he could not have known whether Hamlin was hurt but apparently that didn’t matter. Joey Logano said it anyway. That was a crass and unprofessional choice of words. Nobody deserves to get hurt in this sport. Nobody. Not even Joey Logano.

Speaking of Hamlin, as I write this he’s still laid up in hospital with a back fracture. This is especially worrying as he’s had back troubles before. First, I hope he heals soon; second, I hope he gets the chance to get back behind the wheel as soon as medically feasible. Finally, I hope the car wars are over, but I have a feeling nothing’s over just yet. Joey Logano is now a marked man, and he knows it. If Tony Stewart doesn’t dump him at Martinsville, I will be shocked. If Smoke doesn’t, somebody else will—like a teammate of his or Hamlin’s, to name a few. Martinsville, of course, is the slowest track on the schedule, and it has long been a track where payback tends to occur. The track promoters are going to have a huge crowd in two weeks, because everyone in attendance will have opinions one way or another, and will be invested in the next sage of this narrative. I’ll be watching on TV, wondering about the over/under as to which lap the dump-job will take place.

Which it will.

I wouldn’t want to be Joey Logano right now for anything.


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