The Format For the Truck Race at Eldora: A Glimpse Of NASCAR’s Future?

OK, race fans. You’ve thought about it, too. What would a NASCAR race on dirt look like? Now we’ll find out. With the big reveal, we get a chance to imagine what a Cup race could look like. The truck race scheduled for Tony Stewart’s Eldora Speedway will provide a version of that idea.

First, the qualifying format—2 timed laps to lock in the top 20, and then the five Eldora-style heat races. Sounds exactly like the World 100.  Also we get a last-chance race. All this is new territory for NASCAR, of course, but it sounds fascinating.

Now, there are going to be issues, mainly in the pits. Since Eldora does not have a proper pit road, I wonder about things like pit-road speed (unsupervisable, one would think) and how stops would be handled.

All this has yet to be revealed, but it should be one helluva show. Expect a horde of dirt-track ringers from the open-wheel and late-model worlds. Expect a huge field (I do, anyway—after all, who’d pass on an opportunity like this?). Expect a capacity crowd. Personally, I’m expecting this will be fun. Besides, I’ve always wanted to see the Cup series return to dirt at least on occasion, since other series like ARCA annually run on dirt, and soon we’ll have our chance to catch a glimpse of what that would actually be like.

You can bet one Tony Stewart licks his chops over that thought.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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