5 Picks For the Next NASCAR HoF

Having said that, it’s selection time again. We have 25 names from which to choose, so I thought I’d present my two cents’ worth. Here are my five. This is a tough set of decisions to make.

Curtis Turner—He was the barnstormer extraordinaire. His skill behind the wheel was incredible (think Dale Sr.);  he built tracks and fought with Big Bill France. He was barred from NASCAR but was invited back. His story is legend. He needs to be in the Hall.

Ray Fox—Back in the day, if you had a Ray Fox motor you were going to be a factor. That man forgot more about racing than most of the rest would ever know.

Fireball Roberts—If it hadn’t been for his fatal accident at Charlotte in 1964, that terrible year for motorsports in general, who knows what this man could’ve accomplished? His career stretched from the Daytona sand to the super-speedway, he won races but more than that helped to reshape the sport. He was smart, he knew the business of motorsports as well as anyone and there’s a very good reason his #22 Ford is on display at the Hall.

Joe Weatherly—Along with Turner and Roberts, Joe Weatherly helped shape NASCAR’s early popularity, especially in the South but elsewhere as well.

Wendell Scott. Once I met him. He was the only person I’ve ever met who worked as hard as my father. That’s a compliment. Scott only wanted to race. And he won, too, even on the Cup level although he was denied the victory-lane celebration he so deserved. It’d be good if finally he was recognized for his ability and his devotion to a dream.

To be honest, all 25 nominees will be enshrined one year or another, but here are the five I most want to see go in this year. The selection process will be fascinating, to be sure.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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