Notes on the Lenny Bruce Rule

I’ve had it.

I’m done with Republican intransigence and all its pomps. Never trusted it, never will. Why? Because behind their language we get people like Ken Cuccinelli. Because behind them we get Karl Rove. Because behind them we get Cheney and Bush, war criminals still at large.

It’s time for me to invoke a rule I just made up: The Lenny Bruce Rule. What does this mean? NSFW, motherfuckers.

Because I’m tired of holding back, because motherfucking war criminals continue to troll the airwaves like sharks, because a comatose American public continues to listen to Drudge and FOX, because traitorous pieces of shit have gotten away with an enormous act of mass murder. I want them jailed. I want their incarceration on TV for the rest of their worthless fucking lives; I want at any moment of my choosing to see what Dubya’s trying to choke down for lunch, I want Cheney to choke on his second and final heart, I want Rumsfeld to send one last “snowflake” by word in a guard’s mouth (and yes: I’d like a guard to mouth-fuck Donald Rumseld for his crimes against humanity), likewise Wolfowitz, et al.

It’s time for criminal motherfuckers to go to jail. Who doesn’t get this? Mister President, take the difficult decision. Justice must be served.

It’s long past time. If not criminal trials, then a truth/reconciliation committee is ESSENTIAL. No more delays.

Do it now.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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