Notes on Rob Ford, Toronto’s Joke of a Mayor

Is it me, or has this man finally gone too far? I well remember when he was elected; I was living there then, and simply could not believe that this obvious buffoon had actually won. His tenure to his point’s been even worse than I’d imagined. He’s proven to be a humiliation for the city that can so ill-afford it.

Now we have a scandal involving a video of Ford allegedly smoking crack. OK, I’m not surprised. He’s a reckless man by nature, and clearly doesn’t give a damn what people think about him. But this….had the substance being used had been weed, I wouldn’t be all that offended. After all, he did get pulled over by a cop in Florida who discovered a joint on his person. But apparently (allegedly) we’re talking about crack here. That’s a totally different animal.

On a larger scale, it’s all of a piece with his general behavior. He’s boorish and thoroughly over-confident in his ability to get by with whatever he feels like. And now Stewart and Colbert weigh in. Now, when people think of Toronto, they’ll think of Rob Ford smoking crack. Allegedly.

I’m also offended by the people around Ford, who brush off reporters’ questions as though they lack the right to ask. They remind me of Nixon’s “palace guard,” all equally corrupt and vindictive as their boss. What does this say about the overall tenor of the Mayor’s office? I’m afraid to imagine.

Rob Ford is a colossal embarrassment. He should resign immediately before he’s thrown out.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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