The Recklessness of Rob Ford

I would be very curious to see how good Rob Ford is at poker. Really. He doesn’t mind doubling down on stupid. Here is Toronto’s mayor trying to deny he smokes crack. He’s already resorted to some cockamamie story about a twin brother (besides Doug) who’s a crack addict. But oh, no. That couldn’t be Rob.

OK. We all know that Ford’s become a worldwide laughing stock. Late-night comics are feasting on the story. After all, it has everything, doesn’t it? I’m personally glad the Star chose not to pay a drug dealer for the video; realistically, the cops should have it and let the law decide whether to prosecute Ford. Until then, this is all conjecture and the mayor’s going to go right on denying these charges.

He knows he can.

This is recklessness of the highest order. He doesn’t mind walking on the edge of the blade, that’s for certain. In a way, it’s a little frightening to watch, because clearly we’re seeing someone’s all-too-public self-destruction live in the media, across all our platforms. If Ford wasn’t so arrogant, I’d feel badly for him. But his over-confidence has brought him to this place, so in some ways maybe he’s getting what he deserves.

Honestly, the man needs to resign but I’m betting he won’t. He believes that much in himself. Meanwhile, his political life is on fire like Rome whether he know it or not. If he goes down, goes to jail, don’t be a bit surprised. He’s about to find out he’s not made of Teflon.


About johnwylam1957

I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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