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The Recklessness of Rob Ford

I would be very curious to see how good Rob Ford is at poker. Really. He doesn’t mind doubling down on stupid. Here is Toronto’s mayor trying to deny he smokes crack. He’s already resorted to some cockamamie story about … Continue reading

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Notes on Rob Ford, Toronto’s Joke of a Mayor

Is it me, or has this man finally gone too far? I well remember when he was elected; I was living there then, and simply could not believe that this obvious buffoon had actually won. His tenure to his point’s … Continue reading

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But Then There’s Rob Ford….

So the odious Rob Ford is coming to his political end back home in Toronto. I can’t be happier. He and his brother are so ill-qualified for their jobs that once again they turn the city into a joke, a … Continue reading

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Toronto, A Love Letter

See, I will never understand why so many Canadians hate Toronto. Really. I’ve heard so many possible reasons—”They’re jealous,” “They’re right and Toronto truly sucks,” “It’s a country-vs.-city thing,” etc. Of course Toronto has many and various real problems, what … Continue reading

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