Marcus Bachmann vs. The Gay Barbarians: THIS Guy’s Wife Is Running For President

David Graham’s June 15th piece on Marcus Bachmann originally escaped my attention, but it’s worth further scrutiny. I’d wondered who Michelle’s husband might be, and it turns out they really two halves of the same heartbeat. Unfortunately, the heart is cold, but there it is nevertheless. After all, Marcus calls gays “barbarians.” Pardon? What causes him to arrive at this conclusion?

Regent University, that’s what.

Regent was founded by the noxious Pat Robertson, who if there was true justice in this world would never have access to a camera or microphone again. There was a very cunning reason why Robertson established a “School of Law” there—to flood the corporate and political worlds with graduates steeped in Robertson’s view of God and the world. For sheer deviousness you have to give the man credit, but what it’s done to pervert Washington as well as political life the whole way down to the local level is hard to calculate, but it’s massive.

The Bachmanns both breathed that air. Now look at them. I think Marcus is aware he himself could never be elected to anything, but his wife could. She softens the rhetoric he would just use to carpet-bomb the audience and, presumably, the electorate as well.

Some people just know they’re unelectable. For example, yours truly is equally unelectable from the political Left. (Meaning: I am a barbarian, as David Horotitz said; I’m proud of that and would not willingly relinquish that name. I’d like to think I come by it honestly. Oh, and much of Horowitz’s piece besides the moniker is a series of inartful lies, and so fuck you, Dave, now and always, you piece of shit, you)

Anyway, we need to think of the Bachmanns as a pair, as we must think of the Palins and Clintons, the only thing the three couples share in common. So pay attention to what Marcus has said and continues to say. Those “Biblical principles” on which his whole mindset rests are theocratic by their very nature and so do not belong in the political arena. Sorry. America is a pluralistic country in faith and political terms. That was how the Framers saw it. People like the Bachmanns continue to repeat the lies they learned at Regent, poisoned so by that air, because they were told to gain power and thereby change the nation. Regime change in their God’s name.

And what would happen if, somehow, they did wind up in the Oval Office, now or ever? Just imagine the legislation to come from there. And what role would Marcus play in a Bachmann administration, anyway? This was the same thing the political Right said of the Clintons, of course, and we know what happened; Hillary became the polarizing figure. Marcus would be far, far worse. That much we can be sure of.

Would Christianity become some sort of national religion? Would leftist organizations be sanctioned/banned? Who knows? With these people, it’s truly hard to say except I don’t trust either of them any further than I could throw the White House. Their “academic background” is built on the intellectual nothingness that is Regent, and their motives are equally suspect. Watch the two of them, and remember where they come from. They are potentially dangerous. Be sure.


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I'm a poet and teacher now living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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